It’s been a long time since some major change happened to the TeamSpeak server.

I’ts been running on the current machine for a few years now, and as time have passed I’ve moved everything except for the TeamSpeak server over to different servers.
So the time have come to move the last service running on this marvelous old server, over to a newer machine.

You shouldn’t experience any difference from your normal day to day usage of the server, as I’ve moved everything over with it.
So from you point of view, as a client, nothing should have changed except for maybe the current data on the server being a few days old.

Since late 2011, where we originally set up the TeamSpeak server, this will only be the second time it have been moved.

I figured it was about time with the new teamspeak server, that we got the teamspeak viewer back on the site.

I’ve also added a link at the top of the teamspeak viewer, that takes you directly to the teamspeak server if you click on it.


As always, I can be contacted on twitter @IKSGaming and my personal @Q11_ or on the teamspeak server.

New website

Welcome to the new website for IKS-Gaming.
The remake of the website will focus on making it a mean to inform about the current status of our services.

Best regards